Our site reliability engineering optimizes productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Once a project is implemented and delivered, we don’t just vanish into the night. Our team of Site Reliability Engineers is also available to support your Service Level Agreements. 

Klarrio’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team is located in different regions (EU, USA, Australia) and time zones to provide “follow the sun” 24/5 support. Our hands-on SREs instrument, monitor and solidify the reliability of your solution by applying industry-standard best practices to provide highly available and resilient software support.

Site Reliability Engineering

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Klarrio teams don’t just work in silos. High availability starts with automating all infrastructure, deployment and lifecycle management of cloud native (containerized) services and analytics models, while every single service or component is continuously being monitored (with automated alerting in case of issues).

This joint responsibility assures that we are able and committed to operate, maintain and support a complex technology stack—and continually deliver reliability you can depend on.

Some of the tools and practices our SRE teams commonly employ include:

  • Monitoring and alerting (e.g. Prometheus)
  • ELK stack log collection and analysis
  • Chaos engineering
  • Load and stress testing
  • Rolling (non-service interrupting) upgrades
  • To learn more about how our SREs can help make your data live up to its potential contact Klarrio today.


    • Monitoring and Alerting
    • ELK stack
    • Rolling upgrades

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