19-07-2021 / Author: Bruno De Bus / 8 minutes read

Whitepaper : Security in multi-tenant container as a service platforms.

Written by Klarrio's CTO, Bruno De Bus, the paper addresses some of the challenges encountered when working on a containerized platform. It highlights some of the secure, multi-tenant, bi-directional, scalable platforms we build for clients – and some insights reached along the way.

Topics discussed include insecure container configurations, insecure networking, issues regarding loopholes such as container escapes, as well as possible damages and how to address those in the best possible way.

Bruno presents a number of reasons why certain decisions were taken in order to safeguard data without compromising scalability or performance.

What You Will Learn
Attack vectors, such as:

  • Insecure container configuration
  • Insecure networking
  • Bad container images
  • How we design for a multi-tenant scenario
  • Container escapes and how to prevent these attacks


Bruno De Bus, CTO, Klarrio

Bruno De Bus is CTO at Klarrio. Prior to that, Bruno worked at Virdata and Technicolor where he built scalable publish/subscribe messaging infrastructure to monitor and manage millions of connected devices.

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