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BoatyBall Runs Full “Stream” Ahead with Mooring-Ball Reservation System Built by Klarrio

North Carolina, USA-based BoatyBall saw a need for mooring-ball reservations for boats and yachts in the British Virgin Islands, so the company turned to Klarrio to build a first-of-its-kind cloud-native app that boaters could use to schedule stops at prime locations across the archipelago.

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Docking in Paradise

BoatyBall was founded to solve a need for boaters and sailors—to find a way to reserve mooring balls in prime locations in the British Virgin Islands before actually arriving on site.

Moorings are used in bays around the world to safely secure boats, and are an alternative to anchoring.

In many parts of the world, boaters have had to arrive at a mooring field early and compete with other boats for the moorings. This reduces the amount of time boaters can spend on the water and can also create a dangerous situation in the bays if, for example, a storm is looming.

So BoatyBall turned to Klarrio to build a cloud-native app that could meet this need and serve as a foundation for their innovative business model.


Klarrio designed and built the system and app in AWS, while also building the BoatyBall website. With the app, users can easily make mooring-ball reservations from their phones in the participating bay or marina of their choice.

The system uses real-time data streaming and analytics, as well as customized dashboards to create an accurate and reliable system for both BoatyBall and its customers.

Klarrio also continues to operate and maintain the reservation system on behalf of BoatyBall today. This active management helps ensure uptime and optimizes operational efficiency.

The Expertise

  • Cloud-native development, deployment and application management
  • Business model consulting
  • Website development

The Technology behind

  • Data Streaming
  • Data Aggregation
  • Data Dashboards
  • Cloud-Native Platform
Data Streaming
Data Aggregation
Data Dashboards
Cloud-Native Platform

“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.”

— Walt Disney


A new paradigm for the yachting and boating industry

With the system and app that Klarrio built, BoatyBall has attracted over 9,000 subscribers in just 13 months, and is currently on track to add 600 new members per month throughout 2020. In addition, the company passed the 10,000-reservation milestone in early 2020.

Bob Wall, co-founder of BoatyBall, said the company’s online reservation system has launched what is effectively a new business segment in the boating industry.

“It’s a new paradigm for the yachting and boating industry, and it’s long overdue,” Wall said. “We found a grossly under-served niche and created a viable business model out of it.”

subscribers in the first 13 months
reservations mile stone in January 2020
new members per month

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