Secure real-time mobility data sharing


Improving Traffic

KPN Drives Two-Way, Real-Time Traffic Communications into the Fast Lane.

To address the challenge of ever-increasing traffic in the Netherlands, the Dutch government, 60 regional and local authorities, and private companies formed Talking Traffic, a collaboration to reduce traffic jams on busy parts of the network by 20% and reduce peak-travel times by 10%.

No existing platform could address the required scale, bi-directional real-time communication, and secure multi-tenancy requirements for secure sharing of mobility data across ecosystem partners.

To enable all this, they needed a solution that could process and share data in real-time for cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS).

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Klarrio teamed up with KPN to create the KPN Data Services Hub.


A cloud-native streaming platform

integrating all traffic management systems and mobility data across the country,

providing drivers with timely signage, speed, traffic guidance, and alerts on traffic hazards, parking info, and the weather,

while also enabling time-to-green traffic optimization, and giving faster priority access to emergency vehicles.


Thanks to the KPN Data Services Hub, Talking Traffic can manage millions of traffic data across the Netherlands.

Traffic lights
million cars
speed coils, parking meters & all public transportation

Behind the scenes

We built a cloud-native platform that integrates data from thousands of sensors and enables two-way data streaming with a very low latency of 200ms.

It supports multiple tenants collaborating with their own unique and secure internal networks while managing their specific containerized applications within the DSH.

The Technology

  • Scala
  • Kafka
  • Apache Spark
  • Kubernetes
  • and more…

The Expertise

  • Massive data ingest
  • Data analytics
  • Real-time dashboards

The Expert

“During this project, we could say goodbye to the traditional 3- (or n-) tier monoliths. Instead, we got to work (and sometimes wrestle) with developing microservices in different languages (Scala, Golang, Python), actual streaming data using Kafka, Flink, and Spark (although one might argue Spark isn’t really streaming), deploying services using different DevOps tools such as Ansible, Flux, helm on platforms like d2iq and Kubernetes, and monitoring these services using well-known opensource tools like Opentracing, Grafana, Prometheus – all kinds of exciting technical bits.”

During this project, we could say goodbye to the traditional 3- (or n-) tier monoliths. Instead, we got to work (and sometimes wrestle) with all kinds of exciting technical bits.

Tim WuytsData Engineer

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